We know you don’t want to think about it, but it’s the middle of November. Now through the end of the year, employees will be renewing and changing their benefits packages. Are you offering the best plans possible? It can be hard to tell, but we can help get everyone through the process unscathed and well-insured.

The first part of offering comprehensive benefits is understanding the main things employees expect. Healthcare is the obvious one, but typical benefits also include a retirement savings plan, vacation and PTO, and dental and vision insurance. Not to mention the wide variety of other benefits like life insurance, disability insurance, or tuition assistance. Every company is different, and every employee is different, so make sure you talk to your employees and find out what kinds of benefits they expect and would like to have. Of course you can’t please everyone, but understanding your employees’ needs is always a good place to start.

Unfortunately, that is by far the easiest part of the task. Once, you’ve decided what benefits you would like to offer employees, you have to find the best plans and providers for each of those benefits. The world of benefits and insurance can be a wild jungle of terms and services that feel nearly impossible to navigate. We know that you aren’t healthcare professionals, and your employees shouldn’t expect you to be. That’s why working with an HR outsourcing company like Managepoint makes a lot of sense in this situation.

We will break down the different types of health insurance like PPO and HMO, explain common health insurance terms, and walk you through the process of comparing and choosing different options. We can help you find a handful of policies that might work well for your company and then help you choose the best of those. It can be a little more difficult to compare 401(k) policies and figure out a fair amount of vacation and PTO, but we also have experts in those fields too. We can offer advice on everything from dental insurance to college savings plans. Check out our full list of services we offer here.

When it all seems like too much, you can sit down with us and discuss the wide variety of options that exist. We are more than happy to help small businesses find the best employee benefits they can offer. No one should get stuck with poor coverage and a lot of stress simply because the benefits landscape can be difficult to navigate, so let us help find the right plan for you.

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