You’re a small company. Getting the word out about a new position can be hard. You don’t have the manpower to recruit at job fairs, posting on job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder is often expensive and ineffective, and the few people who do find your job posting are not exactly who you are looking for. So how do you use the few resources you have to attract the talent you need?

1. Utilize your website.

Post the job on your website, and make it easy to find. Have a clear tab or footer named “Jobs” or “Careers” or “Work for us!” Some of the strongest candidates are going to seek you out and not the other way around. Just think about it. Who would you rather hire? Someone who stumbled across your company on Monster and knows nothing about you, or someone who knows they want to work for you and has approached you about the possibility of working for you? The choice seems pretty obvious.

Your website also works like your virtual storefront. When a restaurant hangs a “Now Hiring” sign in their front window, they are hoping to hire people who eat at and like that restaurant. Your website gets a lot of online traffic from people who are interested in your business. They may be actively looking for a job or just thinking about a career change. When they see on your homepage that you are hiring, you may have found your newest employee by hardly lifting a finger.

2. Leave no room for confusion.

While we’re at it, make sure the job listing on your website is clear and detailed. The name of the position and a couple sentences about your company is not going to cut it. Sometimes fancy formal titles can scare off well-qualified individuals who don’t think they have the experience to be a manager (or whatever position you are trying to fill.) So make sure to write a paragraph or two describing the job with details about daily tasks and overall responsibilities. Include a list with 5-10 requirements you are looking for like any special computer program experience or licenses they need, level of education, and years of work experience. Writing a good job description will keep (some) under-qualified candidates from applying and will ensure that you don’t scare off the people you do want to apply.

3. Share! Share! Share!

Use your social media presence to get your job listing in front of potential candidates. Post it on LinkedIn where candidates are actively looking for new positions. But also share it on your Facebook and Twitter. Again, your social media acts like a virtual storefront, and people who are interested in your business and follow you on social media may also be interested in working for you. Encourage your followers to share the post with their friends, and don’t forget to use hashtags. (Think #jobs #indianajobs #[name your industry]jobs)

4. Get some help.

Even simple tactics like these can be time-consuming and complicated, and outsourcing your Human Resources to professionals may be your best option. Managepoint is your premier solution for convenient, cost-effective Human Resources consulting. We go beyond writing job descriptions and can help with employee training, policies and procedures, and more, making a happier workforce AND a more attractive bottom line.

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