Why would you want your best employees to quit? You don’t, so don’t make these mistakes with your top performers. You spend lots of time, money and energy recruiting and hiring the best people you can, so don’t undo all that by managing poorly. TLNT.com has a list of things to do if you want your best employees to quit:

10. Treat everyone equally. It sounds good on paper, but treat your best performers like they are your best performers. Treat your employees fairly.

9. Tolerate mediocrity. Your best employees don’t, and you shouldn’t either.

8. Have dumb rules. Have guidelines that help your employees get things done, but don’t put roadblocks in their way.

7. Don’t recognize great performance by your employees. Good performances should be recognized quickly, to promote repeat performance.

6. Don’t have any fun at work. Work is serious, but never so much that you can’t have some fun.

5. Don’t keep your employees informed. If you don’t tell them about everything, someone else will.

4. Micromanage. Nothing will get a good employee to leave faster than watching over every little thing they do. They are your top performers…give them the task and the tools, and get out of the way.

3. Don’t develop an employee retention strategy. Employee retention should get a part of your time every day. You should always be thinking about how to keep your best employees.

2. Don’t do employee retention interviews. If you do lose a great employee, do an exit interview to find out why they are leaving, so you can make changes to keep your best employees moving forward.

1. Make your on-boarding program tedious. Employees are most impressionable when they start with your company. Make sure they feel like they made the right decision in going with your company by making your on-boarding program one in which let’s your new employee know that they were chosen over all others, are part of a great company, and that the job they were hired to do is valuable (and tell them why).

If you don’t do these things, you should be able to retain your best employees for a long time. At Managepoint, we do human resources for successful companies. We do payroll, benefits, training and administration, and we help these companies retain their top talent, at a cost that is less than they can do it themselves. Call us today to learn how we can help you be the most successful company you can be.

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