We have blogged about managing employees, attitudes, how much authority to give employees, interview questions, and performance reviews. What we haven’t covered is making the right hire in the right position. Erika Weinstein posted an article in IMedia Connection that lays out the four things you have to do to make the right hire. While the article is based on hiring a person for a digital marketing position, I do think the steps relate to any type of position you are trying to fill. The first step seems obvious, to get agreement on the expectations of the job. Management and hiring managers or the company you are using for human resources need to come to an agreement on the job and what will be expected in that role. If back filling, probably a good time to readjust the roles for that position. If an expanded new hire position, making sure all the basis are covered to be able to explain the position and its role in the company should be hashed out ahead of interviewing. Getting a list together of potential candidates is the next step. Again, seems logical, but experience says it is hardly ever done. Regardless of the position and the location of the job, there are known experts or great employees that are known in that circle. If your company is going to grow and be the best it can be, shouldn’t you be going after the best talent? The third step is to create a great interview process that is a good experience for the person interviewing and the interviewer. Having people in your company being engaged in this process makes for better questions, and a more focused ability to comprehend how the candidate and their qualifications would fit into your company. The fourth step is to sell your company to the candidate. Even if the candidate is not a great fit, you should use every interaction to promote your company. If you do these four things, you will be on the road to hiring better employees. To read Erika’s article, go  here. Managepoint has resources to help you with your hiring process, and all other aspects of human resources, so you can concentrate on your business. Call us today!

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