As companies look for keys to grow, be more successful, and reach revenue and profit goals, one area that seems to always be overlooked is human resources.  While companies have traditionally put importance on Research and Development, Capital expenditures (IT and facilities), and Marketing, and used metrics to analyze results of these items on the balance sheet, Human Resources has been left behind.  To our thinking, the human capital is the most important piece of growing your company.

Decisions on research and development are made by people, same with software decisions, and marketing direction and execution.  It is the employees, from the CEO on down, that make decisions and do the work that make companies successful.  So while marketing and new products and acquisitions and day to day decisions are important, it’s the people doing them that make the difference.  Your human resource department should be much more than compliance, handbooks, payroll and benefits.  It should be proactive in finding and keeping top talent, and using tools available to measure the talent and prospective talent you have or want to hire.

Dr. John Sullivan wrote an article recently at about Google, and how they use analytics in their people management practices, with great results.  Google is now the number three most valuable company in the world, and they do it with great people.  They have a “people analytics team” that has two main goals; that all people decisions are driven with analytics and data, and people decisions are given the same level of rigor that engineering decisions are given.

Dr. Sullivan has listed ten reasons in his article that Google this “people analytics approach”.  Suffice to say that it is a very persuasive way to manage people.  You can read the article here.   Google has changed the way people should be looking at their HR department.  At Managepoint, we do outsourced human resources for a variety and large number of companies.  Along with payroll and benefits, training and administration, we can help you change how you hire and retain, giving your company the advantage to be an industry leader.  Call us today to learn more about how we can do your HR, better and with less investment than you have currently.

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