It is going around. You have seen it in your office, heard from your friends, watched stories on the news…the flu. It is here, and it is not nice. So, if you work out of your home office, live by yourself, are self sustaining with food, you are safe. The rest of us? Well, here is what we will do:

First and foremost, if you are sick, STAY HOME!!! According the third annual Flu Season Survey by Staples, 84% of us have gone to work when sick. 84%! ( And of that 84%, half of those people did not/do not warn others they are sick. So, stay home.

Beware of common items in the office. Keyboard, printers, microwave and refrigerator handles, sink handles in break room all are the germiest places. Wipe down these common items and areas with disinfectant. Watch where you touch, and do your part to clean these areas.

Wash your hands! After touching common areas anywhere, shaking hands or touching others, wash your hands with soap and water. CDC recommends at least 20 seconds. We recommend singing happy birthday twice (yes, you can sing it in your head).

Stay hydrated. Not drinking enough fluids coupled with stress and not enough rest will lower your immune system. So, keep water at your desk, and get to bed at a decent hour.

Take some vitamins. Vitamin C or zinc, or contact your health provider for what would be best to help your immune system fight of the flu virus.

No touching. Yes, that sounds like a normal rule for human resources, but this means you. Don’t touch your face. Don’t rub your eyes or your nose or put your hand to your mouth. This is the fastest way to get sick.

You can read more on how to avoid the flu from here

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