Regardless of your company size, you have to have some sort of human resources department. Every situation is different when it comes to HR. Some companies should and do outsource their HR department (we think this is the best approach). Some do everything in house. Some companies piece meal the department, they may outsource payroll and do everything else themselves. Regardless of how you handle your HR department, you must avoid these pitfalls at all costs!

1) HR is a resource, not a necessary evil. Use your HR department to help you be strategic!
2) Don’t hire poorly. Keep a good list of potential candidates so you are not filling positions just to fill them. Every hire should further the company toward its goals.
3) Have your interview processes in place and constantly evaluate them. You can miss good employees because of bad interview practices…or even get sued.
4) Have a good on-boarding experience ready for new employees. Make sure that there is adequate training for new hires, and manage them properly.
5) Promote properly. Just because someone is great at sales, doesn’t mean they would make a great sales manager. Also, don’t transfer a problem…deal with the problem, don’t leave it for someone else.
6) Lawsuits happen, that’s why there are lawyers. Make sure training is in place for all kinds of workplace issues.
7) Make sure your social media policy is in place. It doesn’t matter how strict or lenient, just make sure you have one…social media is not going away.
8) Communicate through-out the company. Every employee needs to be kept informed of what they need to know.
9) Performance reviews matter, so do them!
10) Take care of the employees that are taking care of the company.

Amy Roach Partridge posted this article of great HR commandments. You can read the whole article in here

Managepoint helps companies by doing HR for them so they can concentrate on their core business. We know HR, and can do it better and less expensively than companies can do it for themselves. We have hundreds of companies that trust us with their payroll, benefits and administration. Call us today to find out how we can help you.

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