By now you have probably heard about the real estate office workers that won the lottery and decided to give their newest co-worker (who hadn’t chipped in for the ticket) a share of their winnings.  As a spokesperson for the group said “if you do the right thing, the right things happen to you”.  While the group did not have to do anything for the new co-worker, as she decided not to put money in since she had not received her first paycheck and had more essential things to do with her money, the fact that they decided to include her says a lot about the people and the company.  Companies that empower employees to do the right thing every time, both internally and for their customers, have a greater measure of success, and a culture that breeds future success.

Doing the right thing not only creates a culture that employees and customers want to be a part of, it also creates a buzz about the company.  Prospective employees and prospective customers know who does things the right way.  Thanks to social media, it is hard not to know who treats employees and customers the right way.  Whether it is the employees excelling in this culture, or the customers feeling like they are getting far more than actual product and service from the company, everyone wins when doing the right thing is the only way to do things.

At Managepoint, we strive to do the right thing every day.  Our employees know no other way.  And we help our clients to understand our culture and how to develop “the right way” attitude within their own organization.  Companies who we do HR Consulting, Payroll, Benefits and Training for know that we will help them develop into the company that does the right things every time.  We do it through our everyday interactions, our commitment to quality service, and our outstanding training program.  Want to do things the right way every time?  Start by attending our Communication Skills Training class on April 10th, or join our Customer Service class later this month.

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