There’s a growing trend among small and medium-sized businesses that takes all of the complexities, legal risks, administrative and even people management responsibilities out of the office. That trend is called Human Resources Outsourcing. In the past, HR was much less complex requiring only more common operations like hiring, firing, payroll and minor issues around the office with personnel. Unfortunately, businesses today are finding that Human Resources has become a very complicated and time consuming set of responsibilities that often take key decision makers away from running their core business. With FMLA, ADA, ACA plus ERISA and FLSA…our world of business, managing employees and everything related has become an ever-changing compliance concern.

So, thanks to the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), here are the results form their hundreds-of-companies-survey about their outsourcing habits, and for a quick and easy reference, here are 6 reasons you should contact Managepoint, Your Source for Employee Management:

1)  26% of companies outsource to save money – this isn’t terribly surprising – what company doesn’t want to pinch pennies where they can?
2)  23% of companies outsource to focus on strategy – spreading yourself too thin with all of the administrative tasks doesn’t leave a lot of time for planning, so this makes sense.
3)  22% of companies outsource to improve compliance – it is increasingly challenging to stay in compliance and increasingly risky to not meet requirements so outsourcing this risk is beyond smart.
4)  18% of companies outsource to improve accuracy – if you’ve got too much on your plate (and who doesn’t?) accuracy may fall by the wayside, so this also makes sense.
5)  18% of companies outsource due to a lack of experience in-house – knowing your weaknesses is as important as knowing your strengths, so handing off a task you know you can’t handle properly to someone with expertise is a great business decision.
6)  18% of companies outsource to take advantage of technological advances – with big data worth tapping into, but costly technology needed to really delve into strategic analytics, outsourcing can offer solutions without a significant investment.

Our HR staff of professionals at Managepoint has the experience, the knowledge and the drive to assist your business with federal and local compliance, employee training, policies & procedures, job descriptions, and more! Managepoint is Your Source for Employee Management…

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