Or better yet…Reasons Why You Did Not Start a Business: Payroll, HSA, FSA, HRA, Time & Attendance Tracking, Group Benefits, Workers Compensation, Taxes, Human Resources, Training & Certifications, Online Payroll Management, Supplemental Insurance, Risk Management, Employment Law, OSHA Compliance and Safety, 401k and retirement programs.  We could list more, but you get the point…you started your business to sell your product or your services, or for whatever reasons they were, but you didn’t start it because you love HR (unless of course you are us, in which case we are the exception).  Don’t let payroll, or human resource procedures get in your way of moving your business forward.  Call us, and we will sit down with you and figure out the best course of action to keep you involved in your business…not involved in ours!!

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The Managepoint Difference

All it takes is one call to alleviate the daunting task of managing your workforce. Managepoint can be your outsourced human resources partner that provides a single custom solution for health benefits, workers' compensation, payroll, and all of your HR functions.

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