Holiday parties always sound like so much fun in the planning. They’re festive! They’re fun! They promote employee bonding!

They’re also full of employees. And spouses. And food. And booze. And relaxed inhibitions. And driving.

Something that is based in fun and good intentions can become a nightmare for HR. The dangers of people getting hurt or sexually harassed increase dramatically when booze enters the equation. No matter how careful you are about your liquor policies, or even if you avoid alcohol entirely, you can still end up with employee regrets and the possibility of legal action. By sending out those invitations, you’re also accepting a great deal of responsibility and potential liability as the official party host.

By preparing carefully and making yourself and your employees aware of the dangers, you can reduce your potential risks dramatically, and ensure that a good, safe time is had by all.

Some of the things to think about as the holidays approach and you plan a holiday party are:

* Think about unexpected mistakes from holiday parties in the past and think about how to avoid those mistakes again, plan ahead.

* Think about whether you should serve and/or foot the bill for alcohol

* The location and how if affects your legal liabilities

* A walk-through of potential liabilities that lurk, such as an employee getting hurt during or immediately after your party, and how to handle them

* How to navigate the religious angle of workplace holiday parties

* On-site strategies for dealing with problem guests/employees and what to do if you need to address an issue during the event. Possible cab fare for those who have had too much to drink.

Managepoint can help your company stay safe and give you tips on how to plan for a successful and safe holiday party for your valued employees! Call us today!

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