Which Model is Right for Your Business?

For a business owner, or employee who has been entrusted with taking care of administrative duties as well as human resources, day-to-day business can suffer between payroll, benefits, compliance and other challenges related to employee management. What’s even more daunting are the industry acronyms associated with various services available to organizations looking to alleviate some of these burdens.

The question is, how do you know which arrangement is best for your company’s unique situation? Well, the answer isn’t that easy. In fact, Managepoint won’t recommend one arrangement over another before learning about your business. Actually, no company should until they have spent the time to understand your business needs exactly before forming the perfect relationship to address your individual needs.


Since 1994, the team at Managepoint has helped companies realize that there is one distinct advantage of outsourcing the services that an internal HR department usually handles – that distinct advantage is COST. Regardless of the arrangement, you’ll find that outsourcing these services to a team of professionals will, in the long run, make better financial sense for many companies which might otherwise attempt to staff and maintain their own departments…that’s the bottom line.


So, if you’re ready to get started, contact Managepoint but before you do, if you’re still interested in knowing a little more about the differences between an HRO, PEO and ASO, here are a few facts to get you on track:

PEO (Professional Employer Organization)
Companies can realize the features and benefits of being pooled with other companies similar in size to take advantage of “big company” savings in the areas of employee benefits and workers’ compensation. In order to do this, smaller companies assume the PEO’s FEIN identity.

ASO (Administrative Service Organization)
The ASO arrangement can be considered a PEO for all intents and purposes. The only difference is, as an ASO client, companies have the option of using a different benefits and worker’s compensation plan which also means there is no co-employment relationship.

HRO (Human Resources Organization)
In an HRO, there is no co-employment relationship which means your company benefits from Lower SUTA Rates, Lower Workers Compensation Rates, and so on. As an HRO, Managepoint’s focus becomes streamlining and building efficiencies for the human resources side of the business primarily in the areas of HR, payroll and benefits structured for the organization. This normally necessitates assigning HR professionals to solely manage your employees.

The Managepoint Difference

All it takes is one call to alleviate the daunting task of managing your workforce. Managepoint can be your outsourced human resources partner that provides a single custom solution for health benefits, workers' compensation, payroll, and all of your HR functions.

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