The Super Bowl is for everyone, not just football fans. There is the pageantry, all of the hype, the commercials and the parties. Seems like everyone is at a Super Bowl party, and everyone seems to have a great time…until Super Bowl Monday. According to (a jobs and career community) 22% of employees they surveyed said that productivity is down on the Monday after the Super Bowl. 20% of those surveyed said moral is actually better on the Monday after the game. 9% said they plan on taking a vacation day, 8% said they are taking the day off, and 3% said they are calling in sick the day after the Super Bowl.

So, what to do to make the day after the Super Bowl more productive? Some companies use the day after the Super Bowl a team building day, and incorporate the “Big Game” aspects into their business for the day. Some companies offer up perks for the next day, such as working from home or allowing employees to come in later in the morning. Some companies offer breakfast that morning (I am guessing to get employees to show up). There are many things a company can do to help with productivity and moral on the day after big events. There is even a petition being sent to Washington DC to make the day after the Super Bowl a national holiday!
Whatever you decide or don’t decide to do for your company, incorporating activities with input from your employees can help keep the day after big events upbeat and productive, even if your team loses the big game. To read more about the survey, go here.

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