The Internet (winnernet, interwebs, or whatever else you call it) is here to stay.  I am afraid it is not like pet rocks, or mood rings, man purses, or skinny ties…fads that were kind of fun, but now gone forever (I am holding out hope for a leisure suit comeback).  The internet is forever here and changing everything when it comes to how people communicate and live their lives.  The same is true for business.  The internet increases communication, lowers cost of computing and software, and allows brands to advertise more effectively and less expensively…especially with social media and how it has become such a necessary and effective communication tool.  Couple social media with smart devices, and now you can reach practically everyone you want to market to, and communicate with.

That being said, your company may be best served having your social media in the hands of many in the organization.  Your company has a Facebook page, and a customer posts a bad experience they had with your product/service.  Who would respond to that post?  The marketing director, who is in charge of the page?  The manager of the employee responsible for the bad experience?  Would customer service be best to handle?  Good questions that deserve good answers and some thought to a policy on social media.  You have created a blog post for your website and social media pages.  Who writes the blog?  Is it many people in the organization, representing different facets of the business?  Is it one person covering the whole company?  Better yet, who responds to any comment on the blog?  The writer of the blog?  Marketing?  The owner of the company?  Better give a social media policy some thought.

The Internet is a very empowering tool for companies and employees.  It allows immediate access to a wealth of knowledge and data.  It gives users instant communication to others, and allows companies to push a branded message out to anyone they are trying to communicate with.  With this power also come issues that companies have to deal with.  In dealing with any sort of policy, the key to the policy should be, “BE PROFESSIONAL”.  If your company has to implement more than a guideline of being professional to your social media policy…you probably don’t have a social media issue, you have a management and employee issue.

Managepoint has a solution for your company when it comes to human resource policies for your organization.  We are the outsourced human resource management option for many organizations, and have the right solution for your organization.  We do human resources for you, so you can concentrate on your business.  Contact us today for more information on how we can help you be more effective and profitable.

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