Springtime is here.  It is getting warmer, the grass is getting green, flowers are in bloom, and at college campuses across the country, people are graduating.  These graduates are looking to get a job.  Most likely you have resumes from some of these graduates already.  You have to remember, that these graduates today grew up differently that a lot of us.  They don’t remember when there was no internet.  They have always had email.  They don’t know what a fax machine is for.  They are very adept with technology.  They can also make very good employees.  So, if you are looking to expand, or are back-filling a position or two, looking at a recent college graduate could be just the thing your company needs.  If you do hire one, here are some tips from Fox Business on helping them acclimate into your organization.

Most importantly, make sure that new grads in your organization understand your expectations and your management style.  These new employees have spent the last four years doing something completely different.  It will help them acclimate more quickly by having clear expectations and understanding of how you manage.

Make sure that they understand the culture of your company.  They are not living with their peers anymore.  They are not with students all the time like in college.  They need to know how they fit into the values and mission and work ethic.  It is a big change from working with people their own age to working with a wide variety of ages and strengths and interests.

Be a good listener.  Graduates today want someone who takes an interest in what they have to offer.  The more respect you give them on listening to what they are saying has a direct correlation to the effort they will put forth for your company.

If you don’t have one already, create a mentoring program.  New graduates have spent the last four years meeting new people with the same goals as them.  Make sure that they meet everyone in the organization, and have a chance to really interact with them.  A mentor can help foster these relationships to everyone’s advantage.

Finally, recognize the work that they have done and mean it.  Verbal validation of their job is as important to this year’s crop of graduates as anything else you can offer them.  You can read more about tips for hiring recent grads at Fox Business website.

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