Do you want more engaged workers? You just need to help workers flourish. Derek Irvine, Vice President of Client Strategy and Consulting Service at Globoforce wrote on a post 3 Good Reasons Why Employee Engagement Surveys Fail. He talked about the reality of your most disengaged employees being so disengaged that they’re not bothering to take your survey, thereby skewing the results.

Laurie Ruettimann, a blogger and HR thought leader, added her thoughts to failed engagement surveys in a post over on Fistful of Talent.

Where Derek looked at failed surveys from the position of the DISengaged ignoring the survey, Laurie takes the opposite perspective, offering a strong argument for why the highly engaged ignore the survey, too. Bottom-line: they’re so happily busy and engaged, they don’t want to stop to bother with your survey.

So, if both the highly disengaged and highly engaged are ignoring your survey, where does that leave you?
Click HERE to find out….

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One Response to Do You Want More Engaged Workers?

  1. Wade shervin says:

    Nice blog. You have shared nice information with us. To make your business prosper it’s important that your worker is engaged in work. The HR manager should look out the activities of employees. These days there are many HR management tools available which makes the work of HR manager easy.

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